Hoist the Jolly Roger and let the cannons Roar!

Ahoy, ye landlubbers and adventurous souls! Whether ye choose to join a scheduled Pirate Plunderin’ Activity or chart yer own course and Explore the islands, Lanier be teemin’ with treasures and tales to uncover. Don’t dilly-dally – secure yer spot at the Conference and sign up for an Activity before they vanish like a ghost ship in the night!

"Competitive Edge" with Lapdog

Avast, ye seekers of thrill and camaraderie! In search of a rip-roarin’, lively, and memorable competition that’ll shiver yer timbers? Look no further, for ye’ve stumbled upon a gem! Competitive Edge be the key to unlocking excellence through a friendly but spirited contest. Divided into hearty crews, participants shall embark on a series of 4-6 daring team-building missions, vying to plunder the most points. Each crew gets an equal shot at glory, with lapdog ready to award gold, silver, and bronze medals to the three most legendary teams. Join the fray, ye scallywags, and let the competition begin!

Pirate treasure chest
Closeup of a woman playing tug of war

"Sea Legs Scramble" Group 5K Run & Fun Walk

Ye weary souls tired of endless gabbing in sessions? Craving the thrill of adventure and a hearty pump of yer blood? Fear not, for we’ve plotted early mornin’ exercise escapades for every swashbuckler! Work yer muscles, breathe in the lake air, feast yer eyes on the horizon, and share a laugh with old shipmates or forge bonds with new ones. Sign up now for either the high-speed run or the merry fun walk – sail at the speed that suits yer fancy, and be true to the pirate in ye!

Hands holding red heart, heart health insurance, happy charity volunteer

Pirates of Philanthropy

Hoist the sails and ready the crew! It’s time to lend a hand to ‘Helping Mamas’ 501c3. This Saturday afternoon, our ship shall embark on a service project crafting kits stocked with the essential bounty of feminine hygiene products. Join the cause, me hearties, and let’s make a difference for women in need. Sign up now – for every helping hand counts in this sea of goodwill!

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